Integra Miner

Our service executed with the periodicity that is significant for the business and according to the nature and volumes of information, will allow you to carry out a sweep over your information sources to identify patterns that have been hidden up to now. In this way, you can start initiatives of segmentation, grouping, identify opportunities, risks, habits, detect atypical or anomalous behavior, dependencies between variables that seemed independent, generate decision trees, among others.

Incorporates Business Intelligence to better Forecast, Classify and Debug your company's data.

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Predictions and decision trees within reach.

Our solution is a Commercial Intelligence application that will allow you to identify hidden relationships in your data that will give you more assertiveness in your business decisions.


  • Opportunity to capitalize the hidden knowledge of your business.
  • Improve the quality of different types of processes.
  • Have more elements at the time of making strategic planning.


  • Take advantage of existing data sources.
  • Flexibility to extend the service as necessary both in terms of periodicity and scope of sources.
  • Make easy a process that due to its nature is difficult.

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