Integra POS Data Acquisition

It addresses the need to transmit information from different points of sale (POS) to consolidate information in central repositories and use it in various destinations such as data warehouses and data markets, among others.

INTEGRA generates tangible benefits such as a decrease in costs and an increase in profit margins, since INTEGRA has the ability to complete, standardize and centralize relevant business information, converting it into a competitive advantage.

logo integra data


Integration of the information found in different locations in a central node.


Upload and update data from any source quickly.


Monitoring of information shipments and timely identification of communication problems.


Approval of processes, cleaning and standardization of data.



  • Take advantage of existing business knowledge.
  • Quick start-up.
  • Flexible to incorporate new information requests.
  • Ease to integrate new points of sale, dependencies, etc.
  • Have clear and timely visibility of the flow of information from the points of sale to the central repository.
  • Centralized push of business rules to the points of sale.


  • Alert Service - Sending alert emails to administrators for packets not received or with problems.
  • Management console - Monitor the status of sending the information of the dependencies.
  • Manager - Loads the packages sent by the dependencies to the central repository (s).
  • Agent for the dependencies - Responsible for sending the information of the sources in packages to the FTP site under established times and recurrences.
  • Web Service - Feedback to agents on information packet receptions and additional requests for Ad hoc extractions.

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