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With in the European legislation, we aim to ensure that each user of the website understands what cookies are and why they are used so that users can make informed decisions about whether they want cookies in their device or not.

A cookie is a small text file with a unique identification number that is transferred from the website to the hard disk of the user's computer by means of an anonymous code that can identify the computer but not the user and that passively tracks its activities in the website.

Cookies are fall into four categories according to their functions:

Impra websites use the following categories of cookies, whose acceptance is not required for delivery:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies are essential to allow the user to move around the website and use its functionalities, such as accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, no required services can be offered, such as accessing to our website or the creation of shopping baskets.
  2. Analytical cookies: These are cookies that collect information about the way in which visitors use a website, for example the pages they visit more often, and if they receive error messages from web pages. These cookies do not collect information that identifies the visitor. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and, therefore, anonymous. It is only used to improve the functionality of the website. These cookies can be compared with "technical cookies" when, in an alternative way, (i) they are used directly by the administrator of the site to collect information in an aggregate form or (ii) they are managed by third parties, specific means are adopted to reduce the capacity of cookies to identify users (for example, masking important parts of the IP address) and third parties use them exclusively for the provision of the service. For example, they store data of the cookies separately without crossing them or enrich them with any personal data available.
  3. Functionality cookies: These cookies allow the website to remember choices made by the user (such as your user name, language or region in which you are) and provide better and more personalized functionalities. These cookies can also be used to provide services that users have requested such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information collected by these cookies can be anonymized and can not track the browsing activity of users on other websites. These cookies are also known as technical cookies.

All the aforementioned cookies are called persistent since their duration is established by the server at the time of its creation.

Management of cookie preferences

The user can change the settings of third-party cookies by going to the links listed below (third-party cookies). In any case, it is possible to find more information about cookies and how to manage them all by changing the browser settings.

Go to the following links to manage cookies in different browsers:

List of third-party cookies

Some third-party cookies are established by services that appear on our website. They are established by the operators of said services and are not under our control. We invite the user to review the privacy policy and how to cancel the cookies established by these services at the addresses listed in the following sections. Third parties have full responsibility for their cookies.

Impra rejects all responsibility for the contents and cookies of external links, which may be modified without prior notice by the respective operators. Impra informs users about the purposes of third-party cookies and provides the link to the information to the subjects to whom the data refers.

Below is a detailed list of all cookies used on our website and how to manage them.

Service Description

Cookies services help us manage access to our website and take antihack measures.

Cloudflare collects and uses personal information which will depend on the personal information collected and the specific context in which it is collected. Please note that, in most cases, if you do not provide the information requested, Cloudflare will not be able to provide your services.

For more information, see the following link:

Cloudflare Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or need more information about the legal basis on which Cloudflare collects and uses your personal information, please contact them at [email protected]

Google Analytics

Our website includes components transmitted by Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). These are third-party cookies collected and managed in aggregate mode to monitor and improve the performance of our websites (analytical cookies).

Google Analytics uses cookies by default to collect and analyze information about the behavior of users. Google Analytics collects this information and processes it to prepare reports on user activities on the website. The use of these cookies is subject to contractual restrictions with Google, which expresses Google's commitment to use these cookies solely to provide a service, store them separately and not "enrich" or "cross" them with other available information. In this regard, IMPRA informs that no additional Google Analytics service is used and that there is no activated advertising option or data is shared with Google.

For more information, see the following link:

Google Privacy and Terms for partners

Users can selectively disable Google Analytics action by installing the exclusion provided by Google in their browser. For more information, see the following link:

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Support Google Analytics

My Account Google Analytics

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