IMPRA offers its clients the accumulated experience over the years, to meet the business needs and challenges that they face every day through business solutions that seek to take advantage of the available technology and infrastructure, automation of processes that normally occupy valuable time of the users, the integration of data from different sources turning them into valuable and actionable information, speeding informed decision making. All this in a controlled, safe and standardized way, managing to improve the performance and making possible what seemed impossible. Among our services: Customized developments (OnPremise or in the cloud), migration of applications to the cloud, automation of processes, collaboration portals and business search engines, design of Business Intelligence applications, data warehouses, mining models etc.

Projects of Data Platform, Integration, Cleaning & Master Directories

In IMPRA CONSULTORES we know that having quality information represents an opportunity and an authentic competitive strategy, that is why our service is oriented to enable your organization in the cleaning, integration, maintenance and administration of all your information to obtain a value additional of it.

Our data platform products and services provide you with complete versatility and transparent integration in multi-platform and geographically extended environments. We help you transport and match data from your business world and generate business applications with cooperative paradigms


Business Intelligence in the Cloud

IMPRA CONSULTORES allows you to have integral solutions in the cloud so that you can focus your resources on the operation of your business, without worrying about the total cost of ownership of your Information Analysis applications. One of the main advantages of this service is that you will only pay for what you consume. In addition, the Intelligence service in the cloud allows you to adapt the solutions according to the growth of your company. The use of resources is dedicated and scaled according to whether their needs increase or decrease.

Ask us to know how to build and administer analysis applications in the cloud.


Systems of Analysis, Mining and Forecasting of Data

IMPRA CONSULTORES offers this service that promotes better analysis and decision making through the creation of formal business data structures. We also create models that identify hidden patterns in the data, providing visibility of opportunities and threats to your business.

Our service enables you to classify and debug information to transform it into useful knowledge for your business, thus providing you with a complete system that provides you with greater assertiveness and predictability to know if your business is going where you want.

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